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Apply for Membership
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Prior to submitting an application, please read the PCSA Constitution, Bylaws, and the New Member Guide. These outline the criteria for membership.

In order to submit your application for Membership, you must:

  • Be a practicing surgeon in the Pacific Coast region for two years and be Board certified
  • Complete a Membership Form and upload your CV then click submit. Membership applications and support letters must be submitted electronically to PCSA. Letters of support may be sent separate from the application for privacy purposes.
  • Contact three PCSA Members that have agreed to sponsor you. Each PCSA Sponsor must send a letter to PCSA supporting your application prior to the application deadline. At least one of your sponsor letters should come from a member in your local Caucus. Their supporting documents must be submitted to PCSA headquarters electronically.
  • Have read the PCSA Bylaws and Constitution. Members must attend meetings (once every four years) and pay their dues in a timely manner. The first dues payment along with the initiation fee must be paid within the first three months of being inducted into the PCSA.

Applications and sponsor letters are due to PCSA Headquarters two weeks before the Caucus Meeting.

Sponsoring a New Member
Sponsoring a new member requires a completed membership application form by the candidate. Letters must be submitted electronically to OR through the membership application.

New Member Guide
If you are a New Member, please reference the FAQ page. Your PCSA New Member Guide will also serve as a helpful resource. This includes basic responsibilities of membership and helpful information, dates, and resources.

For additional information and to answer any further questions, contact PCSA headquarters at

Pacific Coast Surgical Association
c/o ACS
633 N. St. Clair Street
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone Number: 1-800-274-9083
Fax Number: 312-278-0793