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PCSA Bylaws

The PCSA Bylaws were revised and approved by PCSA Membership at the 2017 PCSA Annual Business Meeting.


Section 1. The Pacific Coast Surgical Association shall meet annually at such time and place as may be designated by the Council, preferably on President’s Day weekend.

Section 2. There shall be at least one annual executive session of the Association, at which the order of business shall be as follows: (a) reading the minutes of the last meeting; (b) reports of the Secretary-Treasurer, Recorder and Historian; (c) reports of the Council; (d) report of Program Committee; (e) reports of representatives of the Association to the American Board of Surgery and to the American College of Surgeons; (f) unfinished business; (g) new business; (h) report of Auditing Committee; (i) report of Nominating Committee; (j) election of officers; (k) election of Members; (l) induction of new officers; (m) adjournment.


Section 1. The Members present at any executive session shall constitute a quorum for business.


Section 1. The annual dues and the initiation fee shall be recommended by the Council and voted upon by the membership each year at the annual meeting. Members may be exempted from payment of dues at the discretion of the Council.


Section 1. The usual parliamentary rules (Robert’s Rules) governing deliberative bodies shall govern the business workings of the Association.


Section 1. All questions before the Association unless otherwise provided shall be determined by a majority vote of the members present and voting except changes in the Constitution and Bylaws which require a two thirds (2/3) majority and election of new members require a three fourth (3/4) majority.


Section 1. The President shall deliver an address at the annual meeting of the Association.


Section 1. The Secretary-Treasurer and Recorder of the Association shall receive at each annual meeting a draft from the President for such sum as may be voted by the Council for services rendered the Association, and to this shall be added the necessary expense incurred in the discharge of his/her official duties.


Section 1. Those members submitting titles of essays shall supply the Recorder with the title and an abstract of the proposed essay. The program committee shall have the responsibility for choosing the primary discussant. The discussant shall receive a copy of the essayist’s paper not later than two weeks before the annual meeting. The presenting author and opening discussant shall submit the manuscript and a text of the discussion ready for publication just prior to presentation.


Section 1. The Council shall consist of five members, of which four are elected, the fifth member to be the retiring president who automatically serves for one year. The President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recorder and Historian shall act as ex-officio members of the Council with the right to vote. One member of the Council shall be elected annually to serve four years. Any member of the Association shall be eligible for membership on the Council, provided that each regional section of the Association shall always be represented on the Council. These regional sections, which may be enlarged at the will of the Association, shall consist, respectively, of the Members residing in 1) Washington, British Columbia and Alaska, 2) Oregon and Hawaii including the U.S. Pacific Territories, 3) Northern California to, but not including Santa Barbara and Bakersfield, 4) Southern California including Santa Barbara and Bakersfield.  The President shall be notified by any Councilor who is unable to attend a meeting of the Council. Upon such notification, the President shall appoint from the Councilor’s regional section an alternate who shall act as Councilor for that meeting.

Section 2. The President shall preside as Chairman of the Council and the Secretary-Treasurer shall keep record of its proceedings.

Section 3. The duties of the Council shall be: 1. To investigate candidates for membership and report to the Association the names of such persons as are deemed worthy. 2. To take cognizance of all questions of an ethical, judicial, or personal nature, and upon these, the decisions of the Council shall be final, provided that appeal may be taken from such decision of the Council to the Association under a written protest, which protest shall be voted upon by the Association. 3. All resolutions before the Association shall be referred to the Council before debate, and the Council shall report by recommendation at the earliest hour possible. 4. The Program Committee and the Council shall have power to invite guests to appear on the scientific program. 5. The Council at the invitation of the President shall meet at some date preceding the annual meeting for consideration of matters of importance with reference to the annual meeting and particularly with reference to the eligibility of proposed candidates for admission.


Section 1. The Council shall have full power to withdraw from submission for publication any paper that may be referred to it by the Association, unless specially instructed to the contrary by the Association, which shall be determined by vote.


Section 1. The President shall appoint for the following annual meeting a Committee on Arrangements, and the Program Committee as provided in the Constitution. The Program Committee shall consist of four members representing each of the caucuses and a chairman. A Program Committee member shall serve for three years and shall be eligible for reappointment for one additional term.


Section 1. Active membership shall be forfeited by failure to be present at four consecutive meetings. After failure to attend three consecutive meetings, the Secretary-Treasurer will notify the member that a fourth consecutive absence will terminate his/her membership. In cases where the fourth absence was caused by extremely compelling circumstances, the Council may at its discretion, stay the termination of membership. Failure by any member of the Association to pay dues for one year may be considered sufficient cause to drop the member from the membership roll on recommendation of the Council to the Association. Membership also may be forfeited for reasons deemed sufficient by the Association.

Section 2. Attendance at an annual meeting shall be defined as registration with Secretary-Treasurer, payment of the registration fee and attendance at not less than one scientific session. Retired members and those exempt from dues because of illness shall have the privilege of attending the annual meeting at a registration fee determined by the Council.

Section 3. At the discretion of the Council, and for good and sufficient reasons, an Active Member may be transferred to the list of Senior Members.


Section 1. A paper shall not be read before this Association which has been published previously or which does not deal with a subject of surgical importance. The member shall close the discussion.

Section 2. The maximum time allowed essayists shall be 10 minutes, except by permission of the Program Committee. The primary discussant shall be allowed 5 minutes, each subsequent discussant 2 minutes, and final closing discussant 5 minutes except by permission of the Program Committee.

Section 3. No paper read before this Association shall be published in any medical journal or pamphlet for circulation as having been read before the Association without having received endorsement of the Program Committee.

Section 4. At the discretion of the Program Committee, poster sessions may be held during the scientific meeting. Papers representing work from these poster sessions may be submitted for consideration for publication to the journal of their choice.


Section 1. The Scientific Meetings shall be open to any member of the association in good standing in his/her profession, provided he/she establish his/her identity, or their invited guest. Only an officially invited guest may register and attend functions.

Section 2. The Association shall have no financial responsibility for invited guests, except distinguished guests invited by the President.


Section 1. Pursuant to Article V, Section 3, of the Constitution, the Nominating Committee shall request some specific information from each of the four regional sections where new candidates are required for the offices of the President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Recorder, and Regional Councilor. An election with written mail ballot shall be held within each regional section involved in selecting candidates for each of these four offices. The Regional Councilors will conduct the balloting and provide the Nominating Committee with a report reflecting the wishes of their caucus. The Nominating Committee may review the ballots if questions arise about the voting process.

Section 2. The candidate for Vice President shall be selected by each President-Elect.


Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended at any annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of the Members present and voting. Proposed amendments shall be made in writing as motions before the Association, and shall then be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Chapter IX, Section 3, Paragraph 3, of the Bylaws. 
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