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Membership FAQ's

How do I obtain a dues receipt for my recent payment?
You may indicate that you need a receipt on the invoice with your payment, or email us with a request at A receipt will not be sent without a request.

Do you accept online payments?
Yes. PCSA accepts all credit cards. You may also print out an invoice and mail payment by check.

What are the different categories of Membership?
Currently. there are five categories of membership: Active, Senior, Non-resident, Honorary and Retired.  

I have just retired-who do I contact?
Please email your updated status to The Offices will inform the Council of your status change at the next Annual Meeting.

I no longer wish to be a Member. What do I do?
You may issue a letter of resignation by email to We will forward this to your Caucus Councilor and inform the Council.

How much are dues?
Dues are $350 per year and should be paid before attending the Annual Meeting. Members are emailed annually and also reminded; however, it is the member’s responsibility to pay their dues. To find out if your dues are up to date, contact PCSA Management at

Annual Meetings

When can I expect PCSA meetings each year?
Please plan on an annual Caucus meeting in late summer/early fall and the Annual Scientific Meeting during Presidents' Day Weekend.

I received a letter letting me know that I need to attend the next Annual Meeting or I am at-risk for losing my Membership status?
Please contact your Caucus Councilor and PCSA offices and provide a letter to the Secretary-Treasurer letting them know your situation. The Council will mostly likely issue an extension if your PCSA dues are current. All ACTIVE members are required to attend 1 meeting every 4 years.

When do I receive my CME Credit Hours? How do I get a copy of a certificate?
You will receive your certificate approximately 3 weeks following the Annual Meeting close of CME records. If you are a member of the College, these credits will automatically be copied into the ACS database, where you can access your credits online. If you need a copy of your certificate, please contact us at

What happens at my annual Caucus Meeting?
A typical Caucus Meeting is run by your Caucus Councilor and covers several topics such as New Members and their sponsors, officer discussions and voting, Annual Meeting details, New Business, and often is accompanied by a dinner and social hour. You are required to attend these Caucus Meetings as you would the Annual Meetings (at least once every four years).

What do I wear to the Meeting? Is there a black-tie event?
Each Annual Meeting varies, so please check the website for details about the location and any special events. The Presidents' Dinner is often black-tie optional. During the Scientific Sessions, most PCSA members wear business casual. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing for the weather and active wear for the Golf, Tennis, and Fun Run events.

Where can I find more information about the Annual Meeting?
Please reference the Annual Meetings drop down link for current and past programs.


How do I update my contact information?
Members may update contact information by contacting their Caucus Councilor, submit an email to or update your member profile. 

How are the American College of Surgeons and the PCSA connected?
The College houses an Association Management Services (AMS) Department that has managed PCSA since 2005. The College Representatives currently serve on the PCSA Council and provide input from the College's meetings and reports. Lastly, The American College of Surgeons is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education (CME) for physicians at the PCSA Annual Meetings.

Pacific Coast Surgical Association
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Phone Number: 1-800-274-9083
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